Local Service Terms and Conditions


To the extent the Customer (“You”) receives Local Service from Eastern Telephone & Technologies, Inc. (“Eastern”), the Customer agrees to abide by the following terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are incorporated into the terms of your Master Service Agreement and creates a legally binding obligation on you.

  1. You may not use the phone service for any of the following: (i) autodialing or continuous or excessive call forwarding; (ii) fax broadcast or fax blasting; (iii) telemarketing including, without limitation, polling, political solicitation, or charitable solicitation; (iv) unlawful activities; (v) abusive conduct including, without limitation, threatening, harassing, or fraudulent behavior; or (vi) any purpose that threatens the safety, security or use of Eastern’s network or Eastern’s business including, but not limited to, excessive usage. You may not resell Eastern’s phone service or equipment. If, in Eastern’s sole and reasonable judgment, you are excessively using one of Eastern’s phone service features or packages, including but not limited to unlimited long distance, Eastern reserves the right to require you to subscribe to a higher level phone service package as a requirement of continuing your phone service with Eastern.
  2. You have read and understand the 911 VoIP Calling Information and Terms.