Eastern is proud to offer the Lifeline discount to the residents of Eastern Kentucky.  Lifeline is a federal program that offers a monthly benefit of up to $9.25 towards phone or internet services for eligible subscribers.  

What is Lifeline?

Do you Qualify?

Based on Your Income

Consumers may qualify for the Lifeline program if they have a gross household income at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. 

If You Use SNAP, Medicaid, or Other Programs

Federal Assistance Programs

You can also qualify for Lifeline if you (or someone in your household) participates in one of these federal assistance programs:

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as Food Stamps
  • Medicaid
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA)
  • Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit
  • Tribal Programs (and live on federally-recognized Tribal lands)

Qualify Through Your Child or Dependent

You can sign up for Lifeline if your child or dependent participates in any of the programs listed above.

Limit one per Household

You are only allowed one Lifeline discount (phone or internet, but not both) per household, not per person.

How do I Sign Up?

Apply for Lifeline

1) Easiest and Fastest way is to apply online

2) You can also download this form and mail it to the address below

3) Contact Eastern and we can help anyway we can

Once Approved

Once you’re approved let us know if you want to apply the discount to your Internet or Phone bill.


More Information