Affordable Broadband Service

Technology has become a key component of accomplishing many of your day-to-day activities. Eastern Broadband can offer you a solution that fits your needs.  With some of the most reliable and affordable options in Eastern Kentucky.  Whether for use in a single office or sharing information across the globe – we may have a package just right for you! 

Speeds to meet your needs

Most service providers focus on download speeds and not upload,  offering 25 mbps up and 3-4 mbps download.  With Eastern’s symmetrical  fiber broadband your upload speeds match your download.  If your struggling with streaming services (Netflix, Youtube, Etc), Video Conferencing or having multiple users on at one time you probably need a better upload speed.  

Our Fiber connection speeds start at 25 Mbps upload and 25 Mbps download.  Got the need for speed?  Let us know and we can meet your specific needs! 

What can you do with 25 Mbps upload and download speeds?

  • Work from Home
  • School at Home
  • Video Conferencing - Lifesize / Zoom / FaceTime
  • Streaming Movies & Videos
  • Gaming - Online / Multiplayer
  • Social Media Streaming
  • Multiple Users
  • Need faster speeds? We can meet your needs!

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